Reproductive Endocrinology – Infertility – Minimally Invasive Surgery

A personalized care

I’m in charge of your case throughout the entire process. Attention is directed toward individualized or patient-tailored care.


We assign your appointment during the same week you contact us


Cost / effectiveness analysis to offer the best treatment according on your needs

Successful Care

Based on my academic background and experience

Friendly, comprehensive and didactic

Those who better understand their problem and how to handle it, get better outcomes.

Stepped-Care Approach

It is normal to feel concern when you have difficulty achieving a pregnancy but there are many treatment options for infertility and most couples achieve their goal if they consult on time. The different treatments will be suggested by means of the “Stepped-Care Approach” system in which after a careful, individual and personalized analysis of each case, the couple will discuss with us the different factors that will determine the best option for each particular case.

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More than 20 years of experience

Results in treatments comparable to those reported by In Vitro Fertilization Centers in the USA and Latin America