Treatments for single or unmarried woman

Sometimes, a woman may consider being a mother regardless of the existence of a partner through intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization with sperm donation. You may also want to preserve your fertility by freezing eggs. Regardless of the circumstances, it is possible to help her achieve her goal:

There are many reasons why a woman decides to be a mother without the presence of a partner. She may have decided to be a mother at some point in her life and not have found an ideal mate could have been married with or have been divorced without children but still wants to be a mother or simply she sees herself as a mother but not as a wife or partner. Regardless of the reason, there are ways to help women in these cases achieve their goal through simple basic treatments using sperm donation or through advanced treatments in case of finding any cause of infertility. Also in the Unit of Reproductive Medicine we have a team of psychology to help her and prepare her emotionally should she require it.

Basic Treatments / Sperm donation

If you are a single woman and plan to be a mother but are not yet ready to step up and use donated semen, freezing eggs is a very good option to preserve your reproductive potential and maintain the dream of being a mother. By freezing your eggs you can extend your reproductive potential in time for when circumstances are ideal. Thanks to this technology, women are increasingly considering freezing their eggs at an earlier age regardless of whether or not they have a partner for the simple purpose of better planning their future.

Preservation of fertility for personal reasons 

Treatments for same-sex couples

I believe that same sex couples also have the right to create a family and as a specialist in reproductive medicine I can help them through different techniques of reproduction according to the specific case to be treated and the level of fertility of the couple.

If you are a female couple and want to create a family, the first thing to do is decide which member of the couple is going to be pregnant in order to perform tests to detect causes of infertility and establish if it would be suitable for achieving a pregnancy by intrauterine insemination with sperm donation.

Another alternative to creating a family in lesbian couples is for one partner to provide the egg and the other to become pregnant. For this it is necessary to resort to a more complex treatment by the technique of in vitro fertilization as it is done in cases of egg donation.

For a male couple to create a family requires an egg donation and a surrogate mother. Unfortunately, in Colombia the law does not cover the substitute mother figure and recognizes as the legal mother the carrier of the pregnancy and not the genetic mother.

Patients with cancer

Planning a pregnancy before a cancer treatment is possible in people with this diagnosis in the reproductive age. Learn more about different methods of preserving fertility.

Couples with a known genetic disease

Advances in knowledge of genes in recent years have allowed more tools to help couples with some hereditary genetic disorder and prevent them from transmitting the disease to their offspring. Learn more about genetic evaluation of embryos (PGD, PGS).