Although it is true that the loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks (abortion) is a relatively common event, when it happens repeatedly cause frustration and distress in couples who wish to have a child. Learn more about this situation.

A woman is considered to have repeat abortion when she presents 2 or more abortions of clinically diagnosed pregnancies, ie, detected by ultrasound or confirmed with the analysis of the tissues obtained after curettage, consecutively.

Although in half the cases the cause of the abortions is not found, in the other half we can find causes that are correctable reducing the risk of a new abortion in the next pregnancy. It is advisable to consult the reproduction specialist for an evaluation in these cases.

Depending on the cause found, some medicines, surgical correction of uterine malformations by hysteroscopy and in vitro fertilization for genetic evaluation of the embryos (PGD/PGS) in case of chromosomal abnormalities, are interventions that improve the prognosis and the probability of a pregnancy to term.